Pan Continental Shipping completes vessel stowage planning software implementation

Pan Continental Shipping, a container shipping line specialising in Korea, China, Japan, and Southeast Asian trade, has completed the implementation of the OPUS Stowage vessel stowage planning software system from Cyberlogitec, to maximise vessel loading capacities and minimise loading/unloading time.

The application provides various reporting functions which can be automatically processed utilising stowage planning information within the system.

This has allowed Pan Continental Shipping to move towards a semi-automated planning function by interfacing the new software with the Container Booking Forecast (CBF) function in its legacy application.

“In compliance with preparing rapidly changing maritime market environment, promoting new system introduction is under process, and the introduction of OPUS Stowage is a part of it,” said Sungbum-Park, Vessel Operation Team Leader at Pan Continental Shipping.

“With the interface between OPUS Stowage and the legacy system of Pan Continental Shipping, it is expected to reduce stowage planning time and to remarkably improve work productivity by prevention of human error such as dangerous cargo loading errors.”

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