OTG adds SIGTTO e-learning courses for gas cargo handling

Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) has released a new series of e-learning courses for personnel working in the liquefied gas shipping industry, outlining the required competencies and skills for various roles involved in the transportation of liquefied gas cargoes.

The courses are based on guidelines been developed by the Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO), structured into four different versions targeting the competencies required for each rank.

Comprising 113 modules in total, with 330 micro-learning units that map directly to required proficiencies, the courses aim to assist seafarers in building their tanker competency across seven different subject areas with specific performance outcomes.

“We’re proud to support tanker operators with these interactive modules which are the most comprehensive LNG e-learning courses ever produced,” said Thomas Zanzinger, OTG’s CEO.

“They are designed to provide the knowledge required for each rank serving on LNG tankers in accordance with the standards suggested by SIGTTO. The courses cover the management and best operational practises to safely handle LNG as a cargo while onboard.”

“These kind of detailed competency frameworks will become increasingly important in the setting of standards required for the safe handling and management of new fuels and cargoes as the industry transitions to decarbonised supply chains.”

The courses can either be added as part of a subscription to the Ocean Learning Platform or purchased via OTG’s ‘Pay as You Go’ online shop.

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