Signal and Flagship Founders to strengthen maritime start-up investment landscape

Maritime venture builders Signal and Flagship Founders have announced a partnership to jointly develop new technology start-ups for the industry, with Signal taking a stake in the German firm as part of a €2.5 million total investment.

Signal will also contribute data and APIs from its AI-powered Signal Ocean platform to joint projects to help accelerate new venture development within the partnership.

Signal’s venture building and investment arm Signal Ventures has to date supported 15 start-ups in the shipping, supply chain and commodities space. AI analytics firm OilX, Signal’s first start-up incubated through its venture studio, was sold to Energy Aspects in January this year.

Berlin-based Flagship Founders, in turn has already produced four successful start-ups since it was founded three years ago. Most recently, Flagship Founders venture zero44 announced a €2.5 million financing round with participation from Atlantic Labs, among others.

The deal with Signal complements a €3.5 million funding round Flagship Founders closed earlier this year.

“We are very excited about the partnership. Flagship Founders and Signal share the same view of the maritime economy and the success factors for building technology startups,” said Fabian Feldhaus, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Flagship Founders.

“We also complement each other perfectly: Signal is one of the most innovative maritime technology players and cover the whole spectrum from commercial and operational to VC investment and corporate venture building, whereas we bring a startup background, have proven our skills in building scalable business models with clear customer benefits, and are very well-connected in Germany. In combination, this results in a big win for both sides.”

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