UAE and DNV to jointly establish Decarbonisation Centre

The Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with DNV to establish a new UAE Decarbonization Centre.

The joint initiative aims to take a multi-faceted approach, working on joint industry research programmes, collaboration with governmental, industry, and academic stakeholders, and attracting and developing new talent to the industry.

In addition, the Centre will focus on programmes that incubate and accelerate the development of new technologies and provide a centralised hub for information on decarbonisation systems.

“The establishment of the UAE Maritime Decarbonization Centre reflects our unwavering commitment to addressing climate change and promoting sustainable practices within the maritime industry,” said Suhail Al Mazrouei, the UAE Minister of Energy.

“By collaborating with DNV, we aim to leverage their expertise and global network to drive innovation and accelerate the adoption of decarbonisation technologies. The Centre will play a pivotal role in advancing our national and regional sustainability goals, while contributing to the global efforts in combatting climate change.”

The partners are planning to launch the Centre at the beginning of 2024.

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