Fleet Management Limited to roll out IPTV for crews

Hong Kong-based vessel operator Fleet Management Limited has announced a new deal with Baze Technology of Norway to provide entertainment services for its crews while at sea.

Baze Technology, a provider of IPTV (Internet Protocol television), will implement a custom-built infotainment system onboard the company’s ships under the agreement. The onboard system will deliver movies, TV series and news updates, and will be available to users offline to remove dependence on satcom services for streaming.

A pilot project is already underway on select ships as the first phase of the project, allowing crew to access over 100 hours of content every month, including a mix of Hollywood and Bollywood movies, as well as TV series and news bulletins from channels such as BBC and CNN.

The system also allows Fleet Management to share company-related content, including news bulletins, staff stories, and other updates as required.

“This is a positive addition to the ship, and the crew is excited to enjoy the latest news, movies, and shows. A shout-out to Fleet for this commendable initiative because it certainly helps to enrich our lives onboard,” said Captain Gaurav Malik of the Explorer Oceania, the first vessel to implement the system for the pilot.

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