Grieg Connect adds restow update to TOS

Software firm Grieg Connect, owned by Grieg Logistics and part of the wider Grieg Group, reports that it is adding a new dedicated restow module to its Terminal Operating System (TOS).

The software aims to aid in stowage planning, which involves allocating space on a ship for containers based on loading and discharge ports. Changes during real-world operations can necessitate rehandling or restowing containers during a voyage, with a restow occurring when a container is relocated from one bay to another, either via the quay or directly.

Grieg Connect notes that the need to execute restows is often communicated to container terminals using email, requiring the restow container information to be added into the terminal’s TOS.

The new changes to the software will allow that data to be received and added to an updated BAPLIE (BayPlan Including Empties EDIFACT message), with restow information visually marked with the previous and the new stowage position. The time of the shift can also be displayed as required.

Restow container data will additionally be transferred to Port, Grieg Connect’s Port Management Information System, alongside data on lifts of full and empty containers. Container information and time of the lift will be automatically matched with the relevant price list in Port once the update has been rolled out.

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