AST adds remote asset management system

Applied Satellite Technology (AST) has expanded its existing connectivity portfolio with the addition of a new software offering, its Integrated Remote Asset Management System (IRAMS).

IRAMS is designed to allow users to remotely control and monitor assets, combining live performance data, predictive maintenance scheduling and environmental impact reporting within a single platform.

The system integrates data from multiple sources and leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyse historical and real-time data and identify patterns to predict potential issues before they occur.

The software then generates reports and visual representations of asset performance, customisable by the user.

“We take great pride in introducing IRAMS to the market, it signifies a remarkable leap forward in remote asset management. This innovative solution empowers organisations to optimise their operations and enhance overall efficiency,” said AST’s Group Head of Software, Daniel Clark.

“With AST’s deep sector knowledge and expertise, we have developed this software solution to cater to the specific requirements of our customers, while also facilitating the advancements necessary in the maritime industry.”

“By offering simplicity and affordability, IRAMS makes it easier for maritime organisations to embrace new technologies, reduce their operational costs and take significant strides towards digital transformation within the sector.”

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