Hornblower Group adopts predictive analytics for NYC Ferry fleet

Hornblower Group has agreed a partnership with maritime predictive analytics firm ioCurrents to help optimise vessel operations in Hornblower’s role as operator of NYC Ferry.

The ioCurrents platform has been employed as part of a series of measures implemented by the vessel operator to keep the NYC Ferry fleet running reliably and efficiently, minimising vessel downtime.

“The data analytics reports produced by ioCurrents are important tools that allow our crew to make informed decisions to improve performance and increase operational efficiencies,” said Davi Smyth, Director of Engineering at Hornblower Group.

“Using their outputs, we’ve reduced our fuel consumption by 9% through voyage optimisation, lowering fuel costs and associated impacts on the environment.”

Using AI and machine learning programs that analyse onboard data in real time, ioCurrents can predict equipment failures so corrective action can be identified and implemented to prevent serious malfunctions or equipment damage. This data also helps with planning maintenance schedules in advance.

“We’re really proud to be working with Hornblower Group to help optimise the NYC fleet operations. Hornblower is a very forward-thinking company, always pushing the boundaries to provide its clients with the most efficient processes and procedures while keeping safety and environmental awareness as its top priorities,” said Will Roberts, ioCurrents CEO.

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