RINA and Source2Sea integrate procurement applications

Maritime supplier marketplace Source2Sea, founded by ship supply firm Wrist Group, has partnered with RINA Digital Solutions to integrate their respective systems and allow shipping companies to access Source2Sea’s online service directly without leaving RINA’s SERTICA application.

The parties have developed a Punch-Out catalogue based on Source2Sea’s product catalogue platform, with management of that catalogue controlled by the software to eliminate the need for buyers to build and maintain their own.

“With this integration, our customers get easy access to online catalogues directly from SERTICA,” said Michael Paarup, COO at RINA Digital Solutions.

“This not only saves them a lot of work, but also ensures purchase orders of high quality. Source2Sea is now bringing this to the market, and we are very pleased to be the first fleet management system offering this to our customers.”

When creating an order in SERTICA, the user will automatically be logged onto Source2Sea, where their pre-agreed customer specific catalogues will be available, including images, product descriptions, and buyer-specific prices.

After order completion, all transaction details are saved directly in SERTICA and the data can be shared with other modules as required.

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