StormGeo integrates bunker management application

Voyage optimisation software company StormGeo has launched Bunker Management, its new end-to-end bunker management system designed to allow users to optimise bunker planning and procurement.

The launch follows StormGeo’s purchase of a bunker procurement platform from brokerage NSI, with the new tools now integrated with StormGeo’s s-Insight platform. The NSI application had previously been used in the management of 2.5 million tons of fuel for more than 75 clients.

“In the pursuit of a cleaner industry, responsible stewardship demands not just environmental mindfulness but also full data control – the cornerstones of our commitment to a sustainable shipping future,” said Svenn Owe Haugland, CPO at StormGeo.

“I am pleased we can now bring an offering to the market that allows us to deliver a leading-edge, single-tenant planning and procurement tool to our new and existing customers.

NSI will remain as a StormGeo partner following the move and will continue to serve its own clients through StormGeo’s Bunker Management offering.

“We at NSI are delighted to have found a new owner to our procurement tool – a company that envisions the same market neutrality and data control whilst adopting it into an integrated platform for advanced voyage optimisation. We will remain a client of StormGeo’s procurement tool,” said Dave Wade, Managing Director of NSI.

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