Danelec expands Connect platform to integrate ship performance monitoring

Copenhagen-based Danelec has updated its Danelec Connect maritime IoT system to fully integrate the ship performance monitoring software developed by Kyma following its acquisition of the company in late 2021, creating a new digital platform designed to boost operational efficiency, safety and sustainability.

The cloud-based system will act as an agnostic platform for automated data collection and processing, regardless of source or format, across single or multiple vessels, providing a centralised dataspace for storage, analysis, sharing and insight.

The platform will leverage Kyma’s ship performance monitoring tools and Danelec’s expertise in data-capture via its Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Vessel Remote Server (VRS) hardware to deliver new services to its users.

“Danelec Connect is the result of combining best-in-class technologies and expertise,” said Danelec’s recently appointed SVP for Danelec Connect, Christian Treu.

“Kyma’s legacy and proficiency within ship performance monitoring and Danelec’s maritime data acquisition strengths combine to impact how ship owners manage their fleet with new, more efficient, cost effective and simplified workflows.”

“We are at the tipping point of maritime industry digitalisation. Shipping may lag behind, but we have seen progress on the digital agenda during the past three years and there is much more potential ahead – especially in noon reporting. Today, nearly 70% of all ship owners are exploring digital solutions to bring about operational efficiencies. With that transition, I feel confident that the noon reports will be dead and gone within a matter of a few years.”

The new platform’s automated reporting will also support emissions regulation compliance through the graphical representation of relevant data e.g., fuel consumption, Carbon Intensity Index (CII), and other critical metrics, as well as performance versus the benchmark period. The software also employs notifications to prompt action in response to sensor irregularities and missing data.

Ship owners can select and combine four plans covering performance monitoring, environmental impact, API only or the full platform. The applications can be integrated with in-house applications to allow users to transfer data to their chosen cloud or databases, or can be integrated with third-party software.

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