White paper examines impact of digitalisation on OSV fuel efficiency

Maritime performance management software company Opsealog has published a new white paper examining the role of data in boosting fuel efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from offshore support vessel (OSV) operations.

The report includes a series of recommendations for operators to improve fuel efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of their offshore activities, highlighting the importance of data management frameworks within change programmes, underpinned by data-driven evidence.

The white paper sets out five specific suggested steps: mapping of the existing data environment to identify improvement areas; gaining an understanding of the data analysis process and the importance of human oversight; identifying goals with specific KPIs to measure progress; ensuring that deployment is a collaborative process; and managing ongoing change in an evolving regulatory and technology environment.

“This new report shows that good data management is not just a ‘nice to have’, but a necessity for the offshore sector. It will be essential to enable companies to remain competitive, especially at a time when regulatory and market forces are driving the industry to slash greenhouse gas emissions and extend the lifetime of vessels,” said Arnaud Dianoux, Managing Director of Opsealog.

“There is a fortunate correlation between fuel efficiency and GHG emissions reductions, which allows charterers’ commercial ambitions to align with wider environmental concerns. Therefore, it is a highly practical, common-sense approach to make better use of the data assets that in many cases already exist, in order to improve operational performance. This also helps companies prepare for the regulation ahead and enables them to progress with confidence.”

The full white paper is available for download here.

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