Danelec adds remote configuration for VDRs

Danelec reports that it has introduced new customisation options for its Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) equipment, with the addition of remote configuration capabilities.

The new service aims to support ship owners and managers in staying compliant with SOLAS Voyage Data Recorder regulations by allowing over-the-air configuration changes, so shipping companies can rectify errors and reconfigure VDRs remotely and mitigate the need for unplanned service calls.

The system grants certified technicians remote configuration access using a secure end-to-end connection, allowing for coordination with technical partners so that vessels can remain operational and are able to arrive or leave port on schedule.  

The new capability is part of Danelec’s wider Remote Services offering, providing VDR health monitoring, service preparation and access to recorded data to allow users to detect potential VDR issues at an early stage while enabling planning for Annual Performance Tests (APT).

“Our continued dedication to remaining at the technological forefront of the VDR market is about both our hardware platform and the integration of value-added over-the-air services,” said Claus Borum, Danelec’s CTO.

“This approach means that we can transform the VDR from being a mere regulatory requirement into a proactive tool that serves the dual objectives of enhancing maritime safety and boosting operational efficiency.”

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