Global Ship Lease to roll out Ascenz Marorka systems fleetwide

Container vessel owner Global Ship Lease (GSL) has signed a contract with Ascenz Marorka to roll out its Smart Shipping system across the GSL fleet, following the completion of a multi-ship pilot project.

The deal covers the installation of automatic data collection systems and software designed to enable real-time management and optimisation of vessel energy consumption and environmental performance.

The contract also includes the provision of Ascenz Marorka’s weather routing service, which defines optimal navigation routes by integrating operational, economic and environmental variables, while taking into account regulatory constraints and other considerations. This technology is compatible with various types of ship and propulsion system, regardless of the chosen fuel source.

“Ascenz Marorka have proven to be innovative, flexible and constructive technology partners for us – continually customising and evolving their Smart Shipping solution to meet our needs. We are pleased to expand our relationship with them and to accelerate the implementation of their solutions across our containership fleet in collaboration with our liner customers,” said Thomas Lister, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of ESG at Global Ship Lease.

“By leveraging real-time data and AI for routing and operational optimisation, pro-active maintenance, and increasingly automated fuel consumption and emissions monitoring, this technology ensures that we will remain on the leading edge of performance, positions us to realise fleet-wide cost savings – both for ourselves and for our customers – and advances our decarbonisation goals.”

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