Kongsberg Digital launches merchant version of vessel optimisation application

Kongsberg Digital has launched Vessel Performance Merchant, an application designed specifically for the merchant fleet to improve fuel efficiency and optimise the overall performance of the vessel and its crew.

The company’s existing Vessel Performance application, launched in 2020 for the offshore segment, is used to collect and contextualise data from a vessel’s onboard sensors, automation systems, and the manually reported data in Kongsberg’s vessel-to-cloud cloud infrastructure Vessel Insight.

Given the distinct differences in terms of operational profiles and optimisation requirements between the offshore and merchant segments, the company is now launching a ‘Vessel Performance Merchant’ version of the application, specially tailored for long, global-spanning merchant voyages.

The application will provide merchant vessel operators with customisable dashboards that integrate with other specialised Kongsberg Digital performance and analytics tools, such as CII and Maritime Digital Twin Trim Optimisation, as well as the Application Work Surface.

“Merchant shipping companies transport the world’s cargo and shipping, representing long voyages, and depending on the contract, they either follow the same routes repeatedly or work towards the spot market,” said Sigrid Johansen, Product Manager at Kongsberg Digital.

“On the other hand, the offshore segment supports the offshore oil and gas industry with vessels that go out to platforms and perform specific, advanced operations. These different operational profiles drive different needs, again creating different requirements for performance applications.”

“Kongsberg Digital recognises these requirements and is therefore addressing them by launching the Vessel Performance Merchant application.”

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