IINO moves to AI-based Crew Matrix Planning

Japanese shipping company IINO Kaiun Kaisha (IINO) has added an AI-based Crew Matrix Planning (CMP) system to its operations, the result of a collaborative development project with Singapore based start-up Greywing.

IINO started working on automating the crew assignment planning process in late 2022, partnering with Greywing at the completion of a selection process carried out with Plug and Play, a tech accelerator based in Silicon Valley.

The combination of IINO’s expertise in crew change planning and Greywing’s work in software programming allowed an AI-based crew change planning program to be completed in approximately 9 months.

“By automating the routine work of planning crew changes, we will reduce the workload of maritime engineers in the ship management sector and reallocate their expertise to projects with higher economic added value and solutions to social issues such as decarbonisation,” said IINO, in a statement.

“IINO and Greywing will continue to improve this program so that the new technology developed in this project will contribute to more advanced and efficient operations in the shipping industry.”

The core capabilities of the current system include automatic real-time planning linked to IINO’s seafarer database and the ability to create shift plans 18 months into the future. Other features of the system include full crew profiles, summaries of all crew changes, and preparation of crew change plans to meet different oil major and charterer requirements.

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