Maersk Supply Service to implement IoT infrastructure for energy monitoring

Maersk Supply Service has agreed a deal to implement Inmarsat Maritime’s Fleet Data IoT platform to help optimise the performance of its first vessel battery installation onboard the Maersk Minder Offshore Supply Ship, to evaluate how to optimise the use of zero-emission energy storage systems across its fleet.

Fleet Data will gather information from onboard equipment using APIs, automatically organising it with time-stamps, synchronising it and uploading to the required visualisation platforms.

The integrated API will also make data available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) such as VPS, whose data-driven decarbonisation system, Maress, is being used to provide real-time insight into vessel performance.

Maress will assist Maersk in evaluating the effectiveness of the battery system in terms of peak shaving and energy efficiency and determine the requirements for future battery installations for the rest of the fleet.

“There are various economic and regulatory motivations for installing battery power on an offshore vessel, but charterer expectations are a particularly compelling factor,” said Sverre Vange, Energy Performance Manager, Maersk Supply Service.

“In the years ahead, attracting charterers will increasingly rely on the deployment of a battery system so the ability to keep charterers informed of the system’s performance will be invaluable.”

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