Remote tug operations system launched by Seadronix

Seadronix has announced the launch of its NAVISS Admin real-time remote ship navigation assistance and monitoring service for tugboats, with Korean tugboat operator DRS Shipping confirmed as a launch customer.

Seadronix’s NAVISS (Ship Monitoring and Navigation System) integrates both onboard and onshore components, connecting tugboat fleets to onshore operators.

Onboard sensor modules deliver a real-time 360° top-view video of the tugboat with AI-enabled maritime object detection capabilities, to provide tugboat operators with situational awareness during navigation and towage manoeuvres.

At the onshore control centre, managers have access to real-time video data from multiple tugboats, enabling them to monitor and provide assistance when needed, while tracking tools offer data on tugboat navigation history, trajectory, potential oncoming risks, operational hours, and other statistics.

“Tugboats, given the inherent risks in their work, require intelligent solutions to enhance operational safety and reduce accidents,” said DRS Shipping Vice President Kim Seong Chul.

“With Seadronix’s AI solution, we have introduced innovation to the tugging industry, improving the safety of our workers. We expect that the adoption of AI smart solutions will modernise our tugboat and enable us to deliver superior services to our customers.”

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