Brunei Gas Carriers to deploy Ascenz Marorka software

Brunei Gas Carriers is to implement a range of digital maritime services designed specifically for LNG carriers on board the vessel Amadi, following the agreement of a new deal with Ascenz Marorka.

The contract includes on-board data collection, regulatory reporting, performance management services, and operational optimisation. LNG cargo management features will also be deployed to provide real-time insights into cargo conditions and status, to reduce fuel waste and ensure safety.

The agreement also includes the provision of a standalone weather routing software, complemented by advice from Ascenz Marorka’s Real-Time Fleet Performance Monitoring Centre.

 “I take great pride in the trust that Brunei Gas Carriers has placed in us for this first ship,” said Anouar Kiassi, Managing Director of Ascenz Marorka.

“Our comprehensive suite of innovative digital solutions is set to transform the maritime operations, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally conscious future for the sector.”

The various systems are expected to be installed on the vessel by the end of this year.

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