Port Houston first US facility to implement PortXchange emissions system

Port Houston in the United States has been confirmed as the first port in the country to adopt the EmissionInsider system from PortXchange, to advance its green initiatives.

The software will be used to streamline the collection of emissions data and ensure compliance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) processes. The technology will also assist Port Houston in gathering real-time emissions data from vessels, enabling staff to monitor, adapt, and potentially implement corrective actions.

“Looking ahead, we see immense potential in expanding EmissionInsider’s capabilities to calculate emissions from trucks and rail, paving the way for even more sustainable transport options,” said Trae Camble, Director of Environmental Affairs at Port Houston.

“This partnership with PortXchange marks the beginning of an exciting chapter in our sustainability journey.”

PortXchange is a spin-off of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, established as an independent organisation in 2019 to offer trade-agnostic digital services to other organisations looking to optimise operations and reduce shipping emissions.

After its initial work in Rotterdam, PortXchange has worked with ports in Europe and the Americas before agreeing this first partnership in the United States.

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