MOL to install AI-powered smoke detection system on car carriers

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) has announced plans to install an AI monitoring system with related shipboard cameras for early fire detection on its vessels.

The technology, developed by Captain’s Eye of Israel, will be deployed in the cargo holds of selected LNG-fuelled car carriers. The initial order will see the devices installed on 10 vessels currently on order and scheduled for delivery from 2024, with MOL also considering retrofitting current in-service vessels with the system.

The Captain’s Eye technology sends an alert to crewmembers onboard the vessel and to onshore teams when it detects abnormal images captured by the cameras. All MOL car carriers are currently equipped with smoke detectors, but the AI-based system is expected to provide faster smoke detection than would be allowed by manual reaction.

In addition, images of the cargo hold can be viewed from both the vessel and on shore in real time, to support faster response times.

The Captain’s Eye system is more commonly used to detect abnormalities in the engine room and on deck, with the company working in collaboration with MOL to conduct demonstration tests of its smoke detection capabilities using cameras in cargo holds aboard the car carrier ONYX ACE.

Multiple tests confirmed its effectiveness in such scenarios, including the successful detection of small amounts of smoke, the partners note.

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