Anschütz updates electronic logbook system

Navigation technology company Anschütz has added a range of upgrades to its electronic logbook system, to cover new books and incorporate additional digital functionality.

The eLog system is used to automate onboard documentation and support paperless ship operation. The upgrade has added new licence levels for different use cases, such as a basic licence, including the deck logbook, the bell book and the engine logbook, targeted at small vessels like tugboats, workboats or coast guard ships.

Expanded licences are available for cargo ships, container ships and tankers, with a wider selection of books and reports for ships operating paperless.

The basic eLog function of keeping logs has additionally been extended with features like cloud access, file uploads, speech to text, noon reports, watch orders, and IMO crew lists.

“With the upgrade of the eLog, we can now offer our customers what is probably the most comprehensive electronic logbook on the market with full class approval,” said Volker Wenzel, Head of Technical Marketing for eLog at Anschütz.

The system is designed in accordance with ISO standard 21745:2019 and MEPC 312 (74), is class-approved by DNV and accepted by major flags to be used in place of paper logbooks.

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