Columbia Shipmanagement rolls out Self-Assessment Tool for SIRE 2.0

Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) has rolled out a digital Self-Assessment Tool from Kaiko Systems across its fleet to assist crew members in preparing for the new SIRE 2.0 ship inspection programme.

The new system will enable its seafarers to prioritise their daily tasks through rank-specific questionnaires, providing them with necessary hardware, process and human element preparation directions for each relevant area and allowing them to automatically report, manage and categorise their findings.

OCIMF’s new SIRE 2.0 regime will deliver the first update to its Ship Inspection Report Programme since 1993, with a digitalised inspection process that aims to future-proof tanker inspection in line with evolving risks and technology. Kaiko Systems’ product team has worked with vetting inspectors and other organisations to simplify over 1,200 pages of guidance into one mobile application.

The digital tool highlights areas of concern for every crew member and every vessel, to allow the final touches of vetting preparation to be conducted in a more strategic, targeted and efficient manner in the run-up to the inspection date.

“Crew members around the world are going to be looking at and trying to understand the new processes needed for the updated SIRE 2.0 inspection programme, and how that will impact them when it is introduced next year,” said Columbia Group CEO, Mark O’Neil.

“Columbia is delighted to be working with Kaiko Systems and bringing the latest technology on board our vessels.”

“The new Self-Assessment Tool makes preparing for this new regime much easier and allows crews to be guided by the smartphone app, through the latest AI technology and self-reporting functions. This new solution confirms our commitment to our people, providing them with the very best digital solutions to carry out their jobs to the best possible standards.”

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