Jiangnan Shipyard to work with BV on 3D digital shipbuilding processes

Jiangnan Shipyard in China has signed a partnership agreement to work with Bureau Veritas on accelerating the process of 3D Submission and Approval by shipyards and classification societies.

The Joint-Declaration on 3D Auditing and Recognition agreed by the firms aims to support the development of systems that will enable the use of a single source of data in ship design and building processes in the future.

The cooperation agreement also includes plans to collaborate on defining interoperability, common standards and data security strategies, as well as creating opportunities for sharing and co-innovation to further enable digital twins, to create a larger ‘three-dimensional community of application’ within the maritime sector.

“Digitalisation is one of the major trends in the transformation of the maritime industry,” said Alex Gregg-Smith, Senior Vice President of BV Group, President of BV Classification France, North Asia & China.

“In today’s world, digitalisation plays an increasingly significant role in the process of ship design, review, manufacture, operation and decommissioning, and it profoundly affects the development pattern of the shipbuilding and shipping world.”

“Among them, 3D digital review, including sending and returning, is an important part of the ship digital ecology and one of the hot spots in the development of today’s shipbuilding industry.”

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