Johor Port implements port management information system

Johor Port Berhad in Southern Malaysia has announced an agreement with port management information systems provider Innovez One to implement new digital tools to improve efficiency in its port operations.

The partnership will leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise activities and reduce GHG emissions at the port, utilising Innovez One’s marineM software to manage services for ships arriving and departing Johor Port, from vessel registration to billing.

The application will be used to automate and optimise the scheduling of port, tug and pilotage services, analysing data from Johor Port’s own operations to find the most efficient dispatch timing and reallocating resources when vessels’ ETAs change.

Port managers will be provided with real-time tracking of marine services operations, with operational data integrated into a dashboard for business analytics. For visiting ships, the system will enable agents to register their vessels, request services and track the progress of each job through an online portal, which will also automate billing processes and tariff management.

“As the southern gateway for Malaysia, Johor Port plays a vital role not only for our local communities and businesses, but also for the economy of the entire region,” said Md Derick Basir, CEO of Johor Port.

“Our ambition is to deliver smart, efficient and sustainable port operations, while ensuring safety at all times, and digitalisation is at the heart of our strategy to deliver that vision. We are proud to partner with Innovez One to harness the latest advances in artificial intelligence to optimise planning and, ultimately, achieve greater fuel and operational efficiency. This will enable us to serve our customers and communities better while reducing our environmental footprint.”

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