ShipFinex to work with BCG on fractional ship ownership opportunities

Maritime asset tokenisation company ShipFinex has announced a strategic engagement with management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG), with the companies to explore new options for shipping finance in the field of Real World Asset (RWA) tokenisation.

Tokenisation of maritime assets like ships can make vessel ownership accessible to a broader market, utilising blockchain technology to support fractional ship ownership and delivering new liquidity options to the sector.

“Our vision at ShipFinex is to unlock the massive untapped potential in maritime asset ownership,” said Shipfinex board chairman, Tony Dagher.

“This strategic engagement is a catalyst for realising that vision, bringing innovative solutions to a strategic and traditionally exclusive industry.”

Michael Sonderby, Managing Director and Partner at BCG X added: “Digitisation of the maritime and logistics industry is accelerating and the impact both operationally and commercially is well proven with many industry leaders successfully scaling digital products, e.g. Maersk with Twill Logistics (now Maersk Go) and UPS with Ware2Go.”

“This is providing a fertile ground for new and innovative technologies and business models. Blockchain is a technology that can truly transform the industry for the better.”

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