Weathernews adds EU ETS functionality to software system

Weather data provider Weathernews reports that it has updated its SeaNavigator content and service offering for the shipping industry to include a range of integrated features to assist users in managing EU ETS compliance.

The latest version of the software includes improved data management to minimise errors in ship reports, backed by data validation features. Automated EU ETS voyage data records can now be generated, identifying and calculating the CO2 impact of EU ETS-covered voyages.

Simulation and predictive capabilities are also integrated, enabled by Weathernews’ AI-driven machine-learning technology, allowing users to simulate vessel routes using different speeds and destinations, so they can accurately estimate voyage time (ETA), fuel consumption, and the CO2 cost impact.

The vessel performance database behind this function includes ships already using Weathernews’ routing service as well as all other vessels submitting AIS data, amounting to over 32,000 ships globally.

“This release represents a key step in our commitment to building a robust data community and helping to accelerate the decarbonisation of shipping,” said Keemoon Kwon, Head of Global Sales and Marketing, Sea Planning Group, Weathernews.

“The enhancement provides our customers with actionable data insights through an all-in-one solution, supporting critical needs in terms of safety, cost optimisation, and profit maximisation.”

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