Sea platform adds EU ETS tool

Digital freight marketplace Sea reports that it is launching a Carbon Exposure system to allow users to measure and integrate their carbon exposure calculations with emissions targets.

The new tool will be added to Sea’s existing platform for pre-fixture workflows to assist customers in adapting to the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS), which has been extended to cover shipping as of January 2024 and places a cost on CO2 emissions for vessels over 5,000 tonnes.

The Sea EU ETS system supports planning of voyages, provides emissions intelligence and profiles to compare and select vessels, and will allow users to track their decisions against the European rules, as well as other industry and company targets.

Voyages can be planned based on variables such as cargo type, cargo volume, laycan, load & discharge port, ballast & laden speed, and vessel name or IMO number. A vessel comparison table is provided that includes CII and EEOI ratings plus ballast, laden, and total CO2 emissions, with recommendations offered on the most environmentally friendly vessel from the comparison, in terms of CO2 emissions.

A Carbon Tracker Dashboard displays expected and actual environmental performance against the company’s targets, highlighting how specific voyages contribute to emissions. For users who already track emissions through the Sea platform, they will also be able to see their actual emissions output alongside this data.

“We’re proud to bring this solution to market at such an important time for the industry, now that the EU ETS has been expanded to cover the shipping industry,” said Peter Schroder, CEO of Sea.

“All players across the industry must be able to track, report on, and reduce their emissions; decisions taken at the pre-fixture stage will be integral to each stage of this process and can have a huge impact on both costs and carbon. Ensuring these decisions are underpinned with the right data and insights should be top of the agenda for charterers, brokers, operators, and owners.”

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