Fratelli Cosulich Group adds methanol detection technologies to new tanker

Fratelli Cosulich Group is to install a range of gas and heat signature detection technologies on board its inaugural chemical bunker tanker for methanol transportation, set to join the fleet in Q2 2024.

The company has agreed a deal with iO3 of Singapore to implement its V.Sight video and V.IoT data-based systems to improve safety and detection capabilities during methanol bunkering operations.

As part of the project, iO3 will connect the gas detection sensors and closed-circuit television cameras to a central monitoring system and automation infrastructure, with the methanol gas detection sensors and thermal cameras to be deployed at specific designated locations on the vessel.

The overall project delivery will also include configuration of system settings to define appropriate alarm thresholds, notification protocols, and monitoring schedules. Shore-based users will be able to monitor and visualise real-time sensor readings, access live video footage, and employ AI analytics and area protection algorithms to alert staff both on board and on shore in case of anomalies.

“Our endeavour to continue our tradition of bringing innovative maritime solutions through the highest safety standards led us to partner with iO3,” said Diana Mok, Managing Director, Fratelli Cosulich Group.

“We are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions, in this case, offering sustainable and cleaner marine fuels; all while ensuring top-tier safety compliance.”

“This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to pioneer sustainable solutions in the maritime industry that are in line with IMO’s vision, addressing environmental challenges with unwavering dedication.”

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