Windward adds sequential search capability to vessel data platform

Maritime AI company Windward has added ‘Sequence Search’ to its platform, allowing users to conduct analysis of vessels’ behavioural typologies and trade movements by searching for sequences of activities.

The new tool is part of Windward’s BI & Analytics offering, offering due diligence, intelligence, and lead generation data. The software provides context to understand vessel behaviour and ensure potential business partners are compliant with regulatory requirements, such as sanctions.

The new Sequence Search builds on the proprietary data in Windward’s vessel activity database, incorporating 10 years of historical data of vessel actions at sea and port. Rather than searching for standalone activity, the new capability allows users to search for sequences of up to six different activities in one search, offering customised queries with sequential conditions between activities for increased context.

“The Red Sea situation is another reminder of the fact that, in turbulent times, the players equipped with AI and technology are those able to react faster and better and drive better outcomes,” said Ami Daniel, Co-founder and CEO of Windward.

“This new capability is a game changer for anyone looking to upgrade their ability to understand the complexities of global trade with best-in-class AI.”

“In times of changing trade flows, immediate insight is key to making the right decisions. This new platform enables our customers to translate their domain knowledge, internal processes, and insight into an actionable, immediate query. The result is nothing short of a competitive advantage to the users of our platform.”

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