Brittany Ferries adopts energy and emissions forecasting application

European Ferry operator Brittany Ferries reports that it has taken delivery of a new ‘Fleet Energy and Emissions Forecast’ tool, developed and delivered by Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore (BVS M&O).

Brittany Ferries approached BVS looking to assist its operational departments in meeting CII and EU ETS requirements and, in the longer term, to map out efficient vessel utilisation, capacity planning, route planning, retrofit scheduling, timetabling and voyage management for the fleet.

Focused on vessel speed and fuel consumption metrics, BVS developed a new application and tested its effectiveness in conjunction with the ferry company. The Fleet Energy and Emissions Forecast software is web-based and uses a theoretical approach calibrated by actual performance data, modelling the fuel consumption and emissions for every ship.

BVS also developed ship-specific energy models for the software, which, combined with ports and route data, support improved forecasting. Parameters can be adjusted to develop scenarios that enable Brittany Ferries’ teams to plan fleet-wide actions to optimise fuel consumption, emissions and costs.

“Forecasting is crucial in the decision-making process. This web application gives us the confidence to model and plan individual ship energy requirements and, vitally, make decisions to manage our greenhouse gas emissions and operating costs for different ship and fleet scenarios,” said Brice Robinson, Manager Naval Projects Department, Brittany Ferries.

“We recognise and are excited by the benefits delivered by the BVS web application to optimise route planning to maximise performance and minimise our fuel costs.”

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