Idwal introduces new platform for inspection data analytics

Inspection firm Idwal has launched a new digital condition improvement platform offering defect management, fleet analytics, and benchmarking capabilities built on data derived from ship inspections and reports.

The Idwal ID system integrates various aspects of the inspection and condition monitoring process, analysing available data to provide an overview of fleet integrity, as well as specific issues at a granular level. All relevant inspection information can be recorded in one place to facilitate continuous condition improvement.

The company says that it has performed more than 10,000 inspections since 2019 across 100 countries, which contributed to an average of 15 inspection reports delivered every working day last year. This has created a data lake of 10 million data points over the past four years to underpin its analytics, supporting benchmarking of assets, vessels and fleets against global averages.

“Idwal ID brings together our market-leading inspections, maritime experience and digital technology to create a secure, one-stop-shop repository for all inspection information, which can be quickly and easily accessed, analysed, shared and updated,” said Nick Owens, CEO at Idwal.

“This empowers users to make confident and informed decisions with information that provides a clear business case for necessary change, thereby optimising budget spend and operational efficiency.”

“We have collaborated with several highly regarded shipping companies to develop Idwal ID, including Anglo American, CMA CGM, Cobelfret, Fednav, Swire Bulk, and Tufton. The platform has been tested, sharpened, updated and improved in cooperation with these organisations to ensure it provides exactly the right information and functionality.”

The new platform builds upon the company’s flagship offering, the Idwal Grade, which provides benchmarks for assessing vessel condition.

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