Manxman gets digital kit out

The Isle of Man Steam Packet Company, a provider of ferry services to and from the Isle of Man, has installed a range of new applications to digitalise operational processes on board its newbuild vessel, Manxman.

The ferry operator will install NAPA’s full range of stability management, emergency decision support, electronic logbooks, data reporting and integration systems on the ship to provide crews and shore teams with safety and situational information on its voyages. 

The deal also includes installation of a Loading Computer to manage the ship’s stability in changing sea conditions while carrying up to 948 passengers and 237 vehicles, and to provide analytics to help optimise cargo and deadweight management.

An Emergency Computer will be used for continuous monitoring of vulnerability and risk levels, delivering survivability assessments in case of damage and supporting coordinated response actions through direct cloud-based information sharing with Emergency Response Services. 

The 133-metre Manxman will also use NAPA Logbook for onboard data collection and reporting, offering automated log entries and calculations to facilitate reporting required for  European Union Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (EU-MRV), and the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) and Data Collection System (IMO-DCS).

“Our ferry services provide a vital link for communities and businesses on the Isle of Man, connecting our territory with Heysham, Liverpool, Belfast and Dublin, and transporting around 600,000 passengers and 190,000 vehicles annually,” said James Royston, Fleet Operations Manager at the Isle of Man Steam Packet Company. 

“Our new flagship Manxman was built with sustainability and efficiency at its very core. Being able to balance this ambition with the need to ensure the safety of our passengers and crews at all times is vital. Smart digital systems are at the heart of this, empowering our teams with the best possible real-time information and efficient processes to reduce the environmental footprint of our voyages.”

“This partnership with NAPA is a game changer on two fronts: it will help us reduce workloads for our seafarers, but also gain an unprecedented level of data-based insight to deliver safer and more efficient operations.”

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