EU ETS partnership agreed by zero44 and DNV

Decarbonisation software start-up zero44 has partnered with DNV’s Veracity maritime cloud platform to jointly support customers in managing EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS) compliance.

zero44’s software is focused entirely on Greenhouse Gas Emission (GHG) regulations, including features for managing EU ETS obligations by keeping track of the flow of allowances and money required, and providing direct access to EUA trading as well as the Union Registry.

The application covers all charter types and business models (time charters, voyage charters, off-hires, idle periods) as well as all stakeholder perspectives (owner, charterer, manager) and supports ETS invoicing, ETS payments and ETS trading activities.

The Veracity Integrated Partner (VIP) programme was launched in 2022 and allows established data providers to connect with its infrastructure and deliver consented real-time data onto the platform. Data is quality assured according to DNV’s Operational Vessel Data (OVD) standard and verified by the class society.

Through this new partnership, common customers can reduce the manual effort required for ETS processes through automatic processing of data, from the vessel to verification. Through the connectors within the Veracity Data Workbench, users can set up an automatic flow of verified data from Veracity into zero44’s EUA settlement software.

“We are very excited about this partnership,” said Friederike Hesse, founder and CEO of zero44.

“Continuous data verification after each voyage is crucial to accurately account for EUA settlements between stakeholders. Integrating with Veracity and Emissions Connect enables our customers to base their EUA or cash invoices on verified data to help them avoid claim management and bad surprises at the ETS submission deadline in September 2025.”

“And through the partnership our EU ETS offering now is truly ‘plug-and-play’ – if you are an Emissions Connect customer, you can switch on zero44 by the click of a button in your Veracity Data Workbench.”

Gram Car Carriers of Norway has been announced as the first customer to benefit from the new integrated offering.

“For Gram Car Carriers it is vital to base all our EU ETS settlements with customers on verified data. We decided to use DNV Emissions Connect to have monthly and voyage data verified throughout the financial year,” said Børre Mathisen, COO at Gram Car Carriers.

“Adding zero44 to this directly via the Emissions Connect workbench was very convenient and works smoothly – once verified, we see the exact same data in DNV Emissions Connect and zero44. After the integration was built between the two companies, all we had to do was allow zero44 access and it worked automatically from there.”

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