Mediterranea di Navigazione to implement Infoship

Italian shipping company Mediterranea di Navigazione has agreed a deal with Arribatec Marine for the implementation of the Infoship software system across its fleet to optimise operations and management processes.

Mediterranea will adopt the web-based version of the Infoship application to centrally manage fleet maintenance operations and coordinate procurement cycles, including logistics activities and onshore and onboard inventory management.

The data migration process from the previous management system will be managed by the implantation team to ensure historical archives are added to the new system, providing a foundation for future comparative analysis.

“It is essential for the Infoship system to inherit the knowledge from the previous system used. This synergy will create a technological and informational continuum, an invaluable advantage for a company with the century-old reputation and experience of Mediterranea di Navigazione,” said Fulvio Solari, Head of Sales at Arribatec Marine.

Infoship will be integrated with the Omnia accounting software already used by Mediterranea di Navigazione to manage the company’s financial and administrative processes to make sure that both can operate within a combined information ecosystem.

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