K Shipbuilding to integrate Alfa Laval air lubrication tech

Korean shipyard K Shipbuilding (KSB) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Alfa Laval to collaborate on the potential integration of the OceanGlide Air Lubrication System into KSB’s newbuilding projects.

OceanGlide reduces a vessel’s frictional resistance while sailing by using air lubrication technology, translating to lower fuel consumption, reduced CO2 emissions and improved EEDI, EEXI and CII compliance.

“OceanGlide is an innovative solution that helps improve ship operation efficiency, and we expect it to align well with our goals of developing and building competitive ships,” said Tae-Hyun Koh, CTO, K Shipbuilding.

The technology creates streamlined airflow sections on a vessel’s flat bottom, with each section having an independently regulated fluidic band that produces a controlled air layer to optimise efficiency and reduce compressor power.

“We are proud to work with KBS as our business partner in Korea. This agreement signifies the market’s growing trust in Alfa Laval as a reliable partner. It also highlights the recognition of our solutions as being innovative and efficient,” said Rajiv Sarin, Head of Air Lubrication, Alfa Laval.

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