Pole Star’s Podium5 integrates with Theyr

The Podium5 maritime informatics platform, operated by Pole Star company Stratum Five, has completed an integration with the T-VOS voyage optimisation system from UK-based Theyr.

T-VOS (Theyr – Voyage Optimisation Solutions), developed in collaboration with the University of Southampton and the Alan Turing Institute, utilises what the company calls a ‘genetic algorithm’ to calculate the most efficient routes for vessels considering multiple objectives such as fuel consumption, voyage duration, departure and arrival times (JITA), Time Charter Equivalent (TCE), Charter Party Compliance, Cii Rating, and safety.

“We are thrilled to announce the integration of the T-VOS route optimisation capability into our Podium5 platform, marking a significant leap in providing cutting-edge optimisation solutions for our valued clients,” said Ross Martin, Managing Director Shipping and Offshore at Pole Star Global.

“This advanced capability empowers Podium5 users to make optimal routing decisions through a blend of fully-automated, AI-driven technology and the specialised insights offered by our 24/7 FleetWeather meteorological operations team.”

“With this synergistic approach, we offer the best of both worlds, ensuring our Podium5 clients achieve maximum operational efficiency, substantial cost savings, and successful progress towards crucial decarbonisation targets.”

Podium5 integrates a range of different systems from various software providers to deliver a single platform bringing together fleet monitoring, regulatory compliance, performance analytics and voyage optimisation modules.

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