Sedna to integrate RightShip data

RightShip has announced a partnership with software company Sedna to collaborate on integration of their respective platforms to assist charterers in managing and streamlining their fixture decision-making processes.

The agreement will see RightShip’s data linked with Sedna’s recently launched AI-driven software Pulse, which sits on top of the email inbox and extracts data for display in a single consolidated view.

Customers will have the option to access information such as the RightShip Safety Score, GHG Rating and inspection status of vessels directly within the Pulse app, reducing the need to switch between multiple platforms.

“This exciting new partnership with RightShip exemplifies Sedna’s open ecosystem mindset,” said Bill Dobie, Founder and CEO of Sedna.

“We want to connect with and leverage a growing suite of data sources and analysis tools so global trade professionals – in this case charterers’ – day-to-day work becomes even more streamlined and informed. The inclusion of RightShip’s valuable data right within our Pulse app will make it an even more transformative experience for our customers.”

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