FrontM gets new investment for crew ‘superapp’

Maritime tech start-up FrontM has announced the completion of a new strategic funding round, led by Motion Ventures with participation from MOL PLUS and Wilhelmsen.

FrontM is a developer of an app marketplace and low-code developer framework, which aims to allow for the simplified integration of different partner applications within a single platform, which it describes as a ‘superapp’.

The platform’s current marketplace of apps for maritime companies are heavily crew-focused, covering services relating to crew connectivity and healthcare, crew training and skills development, crew entertainment with live IP-TV, crew social internet, video conferencing and virtual events.

“Our collaboration with Motion Ventures, MOL PLUS and Wilhelmsen marks a pivotal moment towards realising our vision for a digitally connected maritime industry, fostering seamless collaboration and improved quality of life at sea for workforces,” said Kiran Venkatesh, CEO of FrontM.

“These strategic investments will catalyse the expansion of our partner integrations, enriching the app ecosystem and paving the way for future partnerships that are on our radar.”

The strategic partnerships will help to significantly scale the company, with the company noting that its platform has already reached an installed base of 1,000 vessels, with an additional 1,000 ships in the pipeline from MOL, Wilhelmsen and others.

“We are excited to be supporting FrontM’s journey in enhancing and simplifying the crew engagement space,” said Nakul Malhotra, VP of Emerging Opportunities Portfolio at Wilhelmsen.

“The transformation of ship-shore interaction corresponds perfectly with the exponential expansion of connectivity offerings on board, and we believe strongly in this direction and its potential.”

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