Telecom26 and MiWire trial vessel eSIM technology

Telecom26 and MiWire have announced trials of a new eSIM-based maritime connectivity service for commercial vessels that often sail on the same routes near shore.

The two companies have collaborated to develop a maritime service that can access land-based cellular networks, reaching up to 50km out to sea. Based on eSIM technology, the service will select the most cost-effective and strongest cellular connection for data, switching over to satellite when the vessel gets too far from land.

Telecom26’s eSIMs use a proprietary Local Profile Assistant on device (LPAd) technology, allowing eSIM profiles to be loaded onto a standard eUICC module, which is inserted into the standard SIM slot of MiWire’s existing routers.

MiWire routers have a database of coastal coverage which is augmented with scans of the coast, identifying base stations and the carrier to which they belong so that they can use this information to select the best network.

An onboard antenna then aligns with the optimal mobile base stations to receive the best radio signal.

“Telecom26’s innovative and industry-leading LPAd technology is a game-changer for the maritime connectivity industry,” said David Fleischer, CEO of MiWire.

“Trials of our new service are consistently delivering fast, reliable and always-on coverage – and allows us to offer compelling price points to our customers. It will be launched commercially in the near future.”

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