KR introduces new digital platforms

Class society KR (Korean Register) reports that it has released two new digital platforms, KR-DAON (Digital Application Online Network) and Nexawave, alongside the launch of its updated fleet management system, KR e-Fleet V3.

The KR e-Fleet V3 upgrade features an integrated vessel status display with survey and audit information, a new Thickness Measurement (TM) menu for tracking hull corrosion, and PSC guidance with VR technology (KR-Real360).

In parallel, KR is also launching new KR-DAON and Nexawave services.

KR-DAON serves as a central hub for all of KR’s digital services, offering access to tools including KR e-Fleet, its digital database of IMO documents KR-CON, the GHG data management system KE-GEARs, and the e-MESIS equipment inspection and approval system. Nexawave, a data exchange platform, supports integration of KR’s data with customer systems, focusing on survey, audit, and GHG verification information.

“The introduction of KR e-Fleet V3, KR-DAON, and Nexawave demonstrates our unwavering commitment to enhancing customer convenience and operational efficiency,” said Lee Hyung Chul, the Chairman and CEO of KR.

“By actively incorporating user feedback and developing state-of-the-art digital solutions, KR continues to evolve as a leading classification society in the maritime industry.”

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