Bearing AI launches vessel deployment planning tool

US-based Bearing AI has announced the launch of a new AI-powered Deployment Planner, aimed at assisting ship operators in balancing environmental compliance requirements with operational efficiency when choosing vessel schedules.

The system analyses historical data, current operational parameters and future projections to suggest deployment adjustments that could maximise efficiency, such as rotating vessels between high- and low-emission routes to maintain fleet compliance.

The software can highlight underperforming vessels and schedules and propose alternatives to maintain emissions compliance, as well as simulating the impact of different service schedules on fuel consumption and vessel performance to identify the most cost and emissions-efficient deployments.

Bearing AI’s deep learning models analyse multiple variables and calculate millions of potential combinations to provide real-time predictions on emissions, fuel costs, fleet performance and other metrics.

“Environmental compliance is just one component in an increasingly complex balancing act for the marine shipping industry,” said Kristofer Maanum, Senior Product Leader at Bearing AI.

“When making adjustments to address emissions, modern shipping companies need to be able to see the impact on their operations, and vice versa – and they need to do it in real-time across millions of variables. This level of scenario simulation is only possible with AI.”

“Our vision is to not only ease the industry’s transition towards green shipping but also enable it to harness AI to make confident decisions that support commercial and sustainability goals.”

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