Net Feasa expands container IoT capabilities

Irish container tracking tech company Net Feasa reports that it has expanded its Vessel Control Tower service to now support all IoT-enabled cargo across different vendors of reefer and dry containers.

The Net Feasa provides crews with notifications of temperature anomalies and potential fire threats across all cargo containers. Additional IoT sensors can also be strategically placed on the vessel to monitor other onboard conditions, such as heat sensors on car decks for early detection of heat anomalies, including pre-smoke/gas alerts from electric vehicles.

“This marks a significant milestone in our company’s journey towards enhancing the safety, security, quality control and efficiency of cargo transportation at sea,” said Mike Fitzgerald, Chairman of Net Feasa.

“Leveraging advanced wireless IoT networks and security expertise, our platform offers unparalleled insights and control over the condition of cargo, enabling proactive threat detection and swift response time to mitigate against risks, optimise operations, and safeguard the cargo.”

Monitoring data can be integrated into existing visualisation platforms, with customisable dashboards and reporting also available.

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