Preem adopts Seaber to improve vessel utilisation rates

Swedish fuel company Preem has adopted the Seaber schedule optimisation software, with the aim of increasing the utilisation rate of vessels transporting their cargo and reducing total emissions.

The SaaS application from Finland-based is designed for both shipowners and cargo owners, supporting multi-parcel and multi-port voyages, where unnecessary ballast voyages and low utilisation rates are most common.

The technology can be integrated with existing software systems such as ERPs and other voyage management applications.

“Seaber’s proven optimisation technology will help develop our logistics and shipping operations,” said Preem’s Manager of Shipping, Supply and Trading, Daniel Berndolf.

“We are looking to get an extremely fast ROI that will have a direct impact in reducing Preem’s emissions and costs. Seaber’s software will complement and unite our logistics process by digitalising our schedule planning.”

Preem has production facilities in Lysekil and Gothenburg and ships its products to international markets. Its seaborne logistics consists of time chartered (TC) vessels, contract of affreightment (COA) and spot contracts, with more than one thousand voyages executed annually, predominantly carrying various feedstock and refined products. 

“It’s great to be working with a forward-thinking company like Preem who is constantly on the lookout for emerging technologies,” said Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO and Co-founder of Seaber.

“With the Seaber solution Preem will optimise their own shipping operations and also enable a broader network optimisation including terminals and shipowners. The contract with Preem is another proof of the value that Seaber can bring to the shipping industry.”

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