ClassNK releases container stacking optimisation tool

ClassNK has released a new software tool to improve container vessel safety through optimised container stacking.

The new WACDAS (WAve Climate Data Aggregation for Ships) software can be used to calculate the route correction factors essential to ensure safe container lashing and stacking optimisation is carried out.

The tool follows on from the publication of ClassNK’s ‘Guidelines for Container Stowage and Securing Arrangements (Edition 3.0)’ last year to support safety and efficiency in container transportation in an era with rapid increases in the size of container ships and advances in lashing technology.

‘WACDAS’ support calculation of route correction factors necessary to utilise approved lashing software compatible with the class notation ‘Container Stowage and Securing Arrangement with Service on Specific Sea Routes (CSSA-RS)’ as per the guidelines (Edition 3.0 or later).

The application is accessible through a web browser and can be used onboard ship, facilitating optimal container stacking based on individual vessel routes and seasonal weather.

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