UK to provide $10m for smart shipping projects

The UK has pledged £8 million (approx. US$10 million) in funding to support the development of new maritime technologies, leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous systems and other innovations.

“Using AI and cutting-edge technology to make boats smarter and transform port operations is part of our plan to decarbonise shipping, enhance safety for our seafarers and help grow the economy,” said UK Maritime Minister, Lord Davies.

“AI has the potential to revolutionise the sector, create jobs and support the economy.”

The Smart Shipping Acceleration Fund will provide backing for feasibility studies to develop technologies such as AI, robotics, and autonomous vessels, with the winning projects required to gain commitments of matching levels of funding from the private sector to receive the government’s cash.

“Artificial intelligence will deliver real change in shipping with an important role, alongside the sector’s workforce, in greater use of autonomous vessels, automation and data analysis. These technologies will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve supply chains and generate jobs,” said Peter Aylott, Director of Policy at UK Chamber of Shipping. 

“(This) funding is an important step in driving UK cutting edge technology and moving projects from the drawing board to reality.”

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