BW LPG cuts lube oil spend with digital platform

LPG vessel owner and operator BW LPG has reported an 8% reduction in lube oil spending across its entire fleet following one year of operation using the Closelink digital procurement platform for bunker fuels and marine lubricants.

“We are impressed with the tangible savings and attractive ROI reported in the first year. From day one, Closelink has been a reliable partner in our journey towards more efficient and cost-effective lubricant planning and procurement,” said Rick Ackermann, Head of Procurement at BW LPG.

“To us, Closelink is more than a procurement platform. In collaboration with Closelink, we developed a new initiative, LOOK (Lubricant Oil Optimisation Keys), which aims to further boost optimisation across our supply chain.”

“Closelink serves not only as a bridge between BW LPG and our key supplier, but also as an integrator and catalyst, facilitating additional improvements.”

The procurement platform is used to automate processes and improve transparency, with category-specific tools to enable early demand detection, optimised planning, and end-to-end ordering processes. The software analyses real-time data from the ships, taking into account each vessel’s individual consumption and schedules.

“BW LPG’s performance results clearly demonstrate the tangible value and high ROI that Closelink delivers. We are excited to continue this partnership and to further strengthen BW LPG’s competitive position in the industry,” said Philippe Lavarde, CEO of Closelink.

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