Nautisense launches maritime generative AI agent

Singapore-based start-up Nautisense has launched a maritime AI agent called MantaMind, used to support decision making processes incorporating data across business areas including port procedures, cargo operations, regulatory compliance, and complex logistics.

The conversation-based interface can be accessed on mobile devices and has been developed using verified datasets including industry-mandated operating procedures and regulatory guidelines, as well as vessel, fleet and company specific policies, processes and standards.

As a generative AI platform, MantaMind is also designed to assist shore-based commercial teams with vessel screening to match ships for specific cargo requirements, and to automate mundane tasks like email automation or simplification of audit and inspection procedures.

“Our focus at Nautisense has been clear: to bring the power of AI to the heart of maritime operations, where the challenge isn’t just about technology, but making it work and work well when and where it matters most,” said Dr Vinayak Prabhu, Co-Founder and CEO of Nautisense.

“Traditional AI’s need for high-speed connectivity and computing has kept its benefits tied to the shore. MantaMind is built differently to change what’s possible. Now, with a simple conversation, vessel operators and managers can access crucial data and insights, enabling smart decisions and automating tasks throughout their voyage, regardless of time and location.”

“We’re not just connecting ships with AI; we’re ensuring that critical operations are informed by the best possible information, anytime, anywhere.”

Nautisense launched in early 2024 after the founders incubated the startup through the maritime venture studio, Studio 30 50, which is backed by partners including Microsoft, Hafnia and DNV.

The company will collaborate with Hafnia parent company BW Group to explore how MantaMind’s generative AI systems can assist technical staff with recommendations, particularly in equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.

“Harnessing the power of MantaMind on vessels across the industry promises to not just enhance operational efficiency but to redefine the benchmarks of maritime safety and excellence. Nautisense’s innovation is pivotal in our industry’s collective journey towards smarter, more connected fleets,” said Shanker Pillai, Head of Studio 30 50.

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