Allseas adds crew telemedicine service on bulk carriers

Greek shipping company Allseas is the latest firm to add Vikand telemedicine services to its vessel fleet, in cooperation with satcom service provider Navarino.

Founded in 2009, Allseas manages a fleet of Handysize bulk carriers and has decided to roll out the Telehealth plan on board its ships to help improve the wellbeing and health of its crews.

The package will provide seafarers with access to the Vikand Connect app for remote access to medical and mental health professionals wherever they are sailing, as well as an onboard Teleheatlh kit that includes a full set of medical testing equipment for use at sea.

“The wellbeing of our crews is the most important factor to us as a ship operator,” said Christopher Valmas and Angeliki Kalapodi from Allseas.

“When we heard about the Vikand Telehealth app we quickly realised that it could really help us to offer our crews an additional layer of support and peace of mind and so it was a very straightforward decision to begin adding this service to our vessels.”

“We particularly like the fact that it provides both physical and mental health support services, as for people working at sea for extended periods of time, both of these areas can be put under some strain.”

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