Smart Ship Hub gets Nakakita Seisakusho investment

Maritime software company Smart Ship Hub (SSH) reports that it has received a ‘significant’ strategic investment from Japanese marine equipment manufacturer Nakakita Seisakusho.

Nakakita is a provider of valves and fluid control devices, with its investment in Singapore-headquartered SSH marking a significant diversification into the field of vessel optimisation.

“Japan is an important market for us, and we have learnt a lot from Japanese processes and quality frameworks over a long period of time,” said Joy Basu, CEO of Smart Ship Hub.

“Having invested significantly in this market already, a long-term partnership such as this is very positive for the Japanese maritime ecosystem. We are extremely well positioned to understand the specific needs of the Japanese owners, operators and charterers and the SSH digital platform has the necessary flexibilities to customise as per specific requirements.”

“Nakakita’s market leadership and deep domain experience together with the technology engineering capabilities of SSH together with continuous support, ensures high grade DX (digital transformation) capabilities for ship owners, operators and charterers. As we progress towards our series A fund raise, Nakakita’s strategic investment and long-term commitment paves the way for SSH to scale up rapidly and attract tier 1 investors.”

SSH will leverage its new investor relationship to offer its range of products to the Japanese maritime market, including applications for vessel performance, weather routing, machinery condition and health monitoring, predictive diagnostics and decarbonisation. A dedicated Performance Centre for Japanese customers is also planned.

The company offers its own proprietary IoT gateway to users to support AI-driven ship management practices, to gather data from machinery and equipment such as main engines, diesel generators, flow meters, pumps, scrubbers, boilers, bridge and navigation systems.

“Keeping with the tradition of customer first and value-based outcome, we decided to combine skills from both sides to ensure an easy and smooth digital transformation process. By investing in SSH, we are disrupting the legacy processes, bringing in efficient workflows for maritime companies and setting new standards in digitally powered fleet management,” said Teruhis Miyata, President of Nakakita Seisakusho.

“With the current emphasis on technology-managed processes and remote management of the fleet, Japanese maritime companies will be able to drive in bottom line savings while enhancing efficiencies with SSH’s ‘All in One’ platform experience that will be further curated by Nakakita.”

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